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I have had many therapists/coaches over the past 10 years but nothing has ever really 'clicked' or really changed in my life, until I started working with Melani. Melani is everything you want in a therapist; empathetic, compassionate, listens fully and truly, is non-judgemental and makes you feel totally comfortable. She asks the right questions, and will challenge you where needed. She’ll help you see things in a different light and enable you to change your perspective on life and the actions you’re taking. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable.. but I’d argue she wouldn’t be doing a very good job if it wasn’t. Even when digging deep and having to force myself to be out of my comfort zone, I’ve always felt fully supported and there’s never been a time I’ve walked away from a session without feeling lighter, more motivated and more positive.

I've worked with Melani for about a year now, and I can not thank her more for helping me gain perspective and confidence after my break up with my boyfriend, as well as helping me with the panic attacks I went through because of claustrophobia. Melani is patient, kind and has armed me with rituals and routines to help me look after my inner self. It is a long process, but I'm glad I have Melani on my side.

I have been seeing Melani for 2 years. She has helped me to process the loss of my brother as a teenager, by using a series of different techniques including CBT, EMDR and Mindfulness meditation. I have found Melani to be thoughtful, caring and an excellent guide through this process. 
I had a lot of preconceptions about attending therapy that Melani up-ended. She is incredibly patient and understood how important it was for me to come to a lot of conclusions regarding my recovery by myself rather than spoon feeding answers. She helped me understand that achieving good mental health is a long term commitment and I'm very grateful to her for that.

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